1. Roe M.

    Big Bang Theory writers can do so much with their talented cast, hope they improve too!!

    Nashville, I love!!! On a side note, did u know Jeff Fordham is Goldie Hawn ‘ s son, Oliver Hudson.

    Not sure if I will start watching Blood & Oil or not. I’m still disappointed that Dallas hasn’t gotten picked up by another network!

    Grey’s was great last week! I was so glad they addressed bullying. Very well done!

    I love The Goldbergs too!! It’s one of the few comedies that I really do enjoy!

    Modern Family is still one of my favorites, although some episodes are more humorous than others!

    I also enjoy watching The Middle! Love the family unit!

    The Muppets is cute! I like!

    Criminal Minds is an old favorite that I want to start watching again! Just tends to get too violent sometimes, but expected since it is a cop show!

    • I think I read that Big Bang is renewed through next season so maybe they’ll write toward wrapping the series up in manner befitting this long-running and much loved series. Last season was lackluster at best and this one hasn’t exactly started off with a bang either.

      No, I had no idea that Nashville’s villain is Goldie Hawn’s son.

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