A Hoola Hoop Girl, a Ghost Pirate, and a Bird Named Oscar

The Tall Ships were in Philly last week for a weekend-long festival. The festival itself was a huge mess with long lines to get on the boats, boats closing early because the crowds were too great, and really poor crowd control.

I went there with dreams of gorgeous shots of gorgeous ships but I don’t have the wide angle lens required for that and the crowd was way too messy to really have a space to stand back and get a decent shot so I focused on photographing people instead. This first photo is probably one of the best I’ve even taken of a person.

Hoola Hoop Girl

Hoola Hoop Girl at Tall Ships Festival at Penn’s Landiing

The following photos are also a few of my favorites from the day. Props to the living statue ghost pirate for posing for me.



living statue ghost pirate

living statue ghost pirate



Oscar's person really didn't want his picture taken

Oscar’s person really didn’t want his picture taken



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