1. I’m so glad you had a good experience at your MRI, and that when you asked for help, you received it without judgement. That is such a blessing. It is definitely important to have a doctor you feel comfortable talking with openly, and who cares about all of the aspects of your treatment.

  2. I totally agree with asking for help and being able to talk to your doc about issues.
    I’m glad the xanax helped. I never took any until dx and whao, with all my anxiety problems, I could have used it before. I too had one doctor who was like “GASP! You take xanax? I don’t believe in it. I won’t prescribe it for you.” I felt terrible for a few days, then called another doctor and she was like, that’s insane and I’ll give you as many as you want! (LOL!)
    I hope the next MRI goes as well, the IV gets put in place well and that everything on the scans are 100% good news!

    • Carol Anne

      It’s really sort of, actually it’s not sort of anything it’s disgusting the stigma so many put on asking for help. Be it financial, psychological, or pharmaceutical.

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