1. Ha! I didn’t read this before I commented on facebook … so just know I really love your photos.
    I think all of these are great, except the third one isn’t my favorite. I think it’s not bright enough and could have been zoomed in more? However I like bright photos better myself and that’s what I tend to take!
    But honestly, you’re pictures are great. I wonder, though, if it would help you build confidence you could do a mini-class on photographing flowers?

  2. lisa pidgeon scordamaglia

    Pretty!I especially the crimson red one and the yellow with the drop of red and white in the middle.Glad you got to spend some “well” time with Chuck.Keep sharing your photos…I love seeing them.
    all the best to you,Lisa <3

  3. lisa pidgeon scordamaglia

    p.s..I have no idea about technique myself,I just shoot from the soul,you know, what connects to that “inner” voice that says,”Now”..take the pic..now..from this angle…I think you have that intuition.I don’t really like the top flower as a subject,.It
    looks like it might need some water. :)))

    • Carol Anne

      Lisa, you certainly shoot like you know about technique. I love your photos. I’m totally jealous of your daily view too. :)

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