1. I love this. I scanned in all of my husband’s grandma’s photos last year. We gave copies to everyone for Christmas. It was awesome to go back and see her photos, and so great to be able to share with everyone.
    Family history is so fun. My daughter did a basic geneology project for 4H last year. I’d love to expand on it to get a real sense of our family history. It’s amazing the stories you learn, and the pictures you can come across.
    I hope you do send that picture and a note … It would make me smile if it were my wedding ;-)

    • Carol Anne

      Brandie, I’m not an expert but I’ve put some time into researching the info my mother and grandmother passed on to me. If you want some help or ideas on how to get started let me know. I’d be glad to help.

  2. margaret prem simpson

    carol its been so nice to connect with you,brings back so many great family memories.with both of us struggling our health issues I feel so connected to you.not sure how old you are but age difference don’t matter, just sad you were not able to have same experiences with our crazy family.so much fun and loving people,party animals with inly two girls in the family ,aunt anna and aunt mary put up with crazy brothers.what a longing feeling to join them one day

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