1. I have some answers!
    1. That job is absolutely out there – but it might be something you have to create for yourself.
    2. YES!
    3. Yes.
    4. This one I can’t answer ;-)
    5. I can’t answer this one either.

    You could take a blog in one of two directions. You could go the toy route, and either start your own website/blog (once you built up your traffic, you would be able to get toys and other products sent to you for review – but that does take work). You could go the local route, and make a hyper-local website/blog that details upcoming events and also incorporates features with local shop owners. You could try to pitch it to a local newspaper or magazine, or you could build it yourself. Long-term, you might do better to build it yourself, at some future point (not after a month, or maybe even after a year) you could get to the point where you could hire people to write for you, or to review in specific areas that don’t interest you as much. I would suggest that you start google searching, and see what is already out there in your area.

  2. Suz

    I remember back when you loved going to those toy shows. I used to love for you to come back and tell me the lastest toys on the market. Remember how exciting that was. Maybe there is a way to combine your love for photography and the toy fairs. I would check into the possibilities. You are too much of a good talent to be not in use.


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