• Carol Anne

      Cindy, I keep it up all year. I’m currently looking for low cost artificial flowers and artificial flower garlands to adorn it with for spring. My dream (but it is not in my budget, nor has it ever been) is to one day own a full size white tree that I can put up in the summer and decorate it with red, white, and blue lights with a flag up top like a star.

  1. Suz

    If I ever get tired of my huge white one I will send it your way. Too bad we don’t live closer together, you could use it a lot. Mine comes with 32 sets of lites on it.
    Move to Pa.—-free tree.

      • Suz


        No its 32 sets of all white lites. You could add some colors to it, that would really be cool. It expands or collapses to fit the size you need kind of like a giant umbrella. I need it to be slim an tall but my girlfriend had it huge. People would come to her house to have their pics taken in front of the tree.

  2. I love that last picture so much. And I’m not even on cough medicine (that probably says something about me)! It came out awesome.

    Also, I love that you keep your tree up year round. That rocks my face off.

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