• Carol Anne

      I hear ya sister. I am the black death of house plants. I’m considering trying my hand at an outdoor garden this spring so the cats will have butterflies to look out at. God help the poor little plants.

  1. Lana

    Oh my goodness, that’s beautiful! I keep telling myself I’m gonna have a little “garden” of planters on my semi-patio this year (we moved in most of the way through summer last year, so it was pointless to start anything). Anyway, I don’t have the funds yet but hopefully soon I can look into growing some awesome flowers!

    Also – it’s supposed to be 61 and thunderstorm here (in Chicago) tomorrow, and 21 by the end of the week. Anyone else see a problem with this? Sigh.

    • Carol Anne

      We are all going to die of pneumonia with this goofy weather. We too are having a midweek warm up and a really cold weekend.

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