• Carol Anne

      Thanks! The Poplar Trail is really short. There’s another in the same park that’s longer. Once we get another mild weekend day we’re going to go back and walk the East Holly Trail.

  1. I wish I had your photography skills. Hell, I wish I had a good camera, but addiction takes a lot from us and my nice camera outfit is one of the many things it took from me. Thank you for sharing your photos with me. they are beautiful!

  2. Suz

    I really love the photo with the hands. I think the way you shot it just gives such a focus on their entwined hands, its really a cool way to do it. I think you are getting better with every picture. Perhaps a career in photography is for you. You should consider it.


  3. Lana

    Ohmygosh (sorry, catching up on people’s blog posts) – the engagement photo is absolutely gorgeous. As someone who’s just beginning to have *very* *preliminary* engagement talks with the mister, I can definitely say I hope that any photos we have taken when the time comes turn out HALF as good! That is simply fantastic…and would work great on announcements and any other mailings etc. Hell I’d frame it and put it in my house somewhere. Very nice work! (And, her ring is aaahhhmazing.)

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Lana! Your very kind comments are a boost to my ego. You made my morning. Oh yes, her ring is quite beautiful.

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