1. I have to agree. It’s almost gross, using something like cancer to try and increase ratings or market share when real people are having to live through it.

  2. Nope, I agree. It seems like every tv show has *at least* one storyline revolves around cancer. I get that it’s a convenient plot device. (touching! relatable! emotional!) But it’s gotten so commonplace that, imho, it trivializes the things that REAL people with cancer go through.

  3. Nope. I already know I won’t be watching it. I lived it and I can’t stand watching things get trivialized or turned into something to be a joke. The producer’s wife had breast cancer though, so I’m hoping it’s at least a semi-accurate depiction. Sometimes the way cancer is shown on tv is so sugar-coated it doesn’t even come close to reality and that pisses me off. If you are going to go there, at least do it properly.

  4. Tru

    Completely with you. Especially because I had breast cancer and, of all the types of cancer out there, it’s the one most vulnerable to being storylined, sentimentalized and utterly trivialized. Breast cancer stories are highly vulnerable to the “isn’t she brave, isn’t she courageous, doesn’t she have the most positive attitude, isn’t she the world’s most wonderful wife and mother and all that” treatment, which really marginalizes anyone who ever feels bad, or is NOT a wife or a mother (namely, me). I share Brandie’s concern about the possibility of the disease not being depicted realistically as well. So many people believe, and so many mass media continue to parrot, the line that if you just catch it early enough, breast cancer is “curable.” For various complex reasons, this is not necessarily true, and I hate the idea of more misinformation being spread around in the form of a “very special storyline.” The attitude that it is all one big pink party (at least for the people trying to help you through it) is also annoying as hell.

    Of course, this could be an anomaly, and this particular breast cancer case could be one where the woman ends up with metastases and misery and years of attempted treatments that only result in things getting worse. But I doubt it–in part because, well, how entertaining would that be? It’s just such a tricky thing to handle. And it would take a lot to prove to me that the whole storyline wasn’t thrown in as a kind of disease porn, a way for people who have never been touched by cancer to experience it secondhand while being able to turn off the TV and forget about it afterward.

    Nah, I’m with you–when it comes to cancer, once you’ve been there, done that and decided you’d just as soon not have the T-shirt, you don’t want to sit down and watch it on TV as entertainment.

  5. I’ll admit I was a little, huh?, with Christina’s breast cancer so conveniently happening just as a spot opened up in her life to leave room for a little more drama. Her character has always been a touch too precious for me. Like she is the badass mother that fights like a lion for her kids. Blah, blah, blah. I would expect more of the same from her experience with cancer.
    I can’t stop watching though because what will hottie pants Crosby screw up next? And how is new kid going to affect the rock solid marriage of Joel and Julia? And the wonderful awkward of Sarah being taken to new heights by the awkward of Ray Ramano=awesomesauce.

  6. You need a spoiler alert on this – I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet! I love Parenthood and I’m not sure how I feel about this. Sometimes I do want to say, okay, enough curveballs already, writers! Yikes! But I never stop watching, so I probably won’t this season either. That said, I totally see where you’re coming from. How about I let you know when they wrap it up?

  7. suz


    I can sympathize with what all you girls are saying. It’s not at all the like people think, like you are a little girl going to the dentist. It takes a lot of “putting on the big boy pants” tio get the biopsy and the MRI’s and everything, and then your personal doctor calls up and keeps saying I’m so sorry so many times. No
    storyline can tell the horror or how afraid you really are to face that surgeon.
    I’m at the lumpectomy//mastectomy choice and because I have kidney disease I had to check with my kidney doctor to see if they could do the contrast MRI or if that would cause kidney failure, well I am trusting him to say its ok but I never in a million years expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer today. I wish I could take off the part of me that’s so bruised and just throw it away. Just how fast things can happen in a day when you have so many other things that need fixing and here you are, you have a #1 priority in your life that has just about taken over every thing you do, think and feel. Let’s see how that would play off on a tv show.

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