1. Wow, those are some difficult questions to answer for ourselves. But I think the act of asking them starts you on the road to figuring them out.
    Also, you are awesome and amazing and should mos def let that light shine. Doo eet.

  2. I need to go on this search and rescue, too, so I have no advice. But I can say that you aren’t alone in your search for an inner child who has been long hidden.

  3. it’s hard to ignore those voices that tell us to shut up, to sit down. today, i have to tell myself that i want to live, and those voices wamt me to exist in a walking death. good luck to you on your journey toward life. i look forward to stories of dance class, of songs sung with joy. many hugs to you.

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Cindy. I just registered for my first class since I got sick 2 years ago. I start back on my path toward a degree one month from today. It’s just one class but it’s a start!

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