1. heehee…. love both the countdowns!! I can’t wait for fall and Halloween and hot chocolate and … all that stuff! Course I live in WA and it hasn’t been *hot* all summer…

    (MoonNStarMommy on twitter too) Gratz on being featured on #CommentHour!!

  2. You would have loved the baseball game we went to this week! It was Christmas in July night and Santa made an appearance. They even threw snow down on the stands!

  3. I’m not actually counting down for Christmas (btw, did you know that there is an App for that? My daughter downloaded it to my phone) but I seriously can’t wait for the fall! Even your picture of the leaves makes me long for sweaters and crisp, cool air. Thanks for the images (and the counts!).

    Congrats on the #CommentHour feature!

    • Carol Anne

      You know Susan that’s a great idea! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of my own that represent Chanukah. Do you?

  4. Fall and winter absolutely DEPRESS me. I’m still pretending it’s not over halfway through August already. I’m glad to see someone looks forward to freezing weather though :)

    • Carol Anne

      Lindsey I hate winter too. I hate being cold, I hate snow but secretly love big snowstorms that snow us in for long weekends. LOL

  5. I am counting down the days ’til Autumn for a number of reasons! 1) My birthday is Sept. 22nd 2) I am tired of the heat. I want cooler days and I’m craving soup!


  6. Oh my i have been lucky we are kinda having a bummer summer.. hot today, but i am in the mtns and not going to the flatland till tomorrow. i do love fall i enjoy decorating and the stuff that goes with all that. the holidays lets say i need more summer for now.. whats your favorite holiday?

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