1. Joy

    I have to say some clowns freak me out just had to post a comment tot his blog it brought a smile to my face. And i grew up btw in the town Jello was invented in lol so i could take you there to see the tour of that and freak you out? J/K but i did grow up in the town it was invented in. LOL

    • Carol Anne

      OMG! I’ve read about that museum. Is it still open? The Jell-O museum. I’m okay with circus clowns but I do hate Ronald McDonald. He creeps me out.

  2. Close-Talkers! I had completely forgotten about them!

    And yeah, I’m right there with you when it comes to spiders. I have a couple of posts about spiders and I’d post the URL’s to them, but I don’t want you to have a freak out! ;-)

    I think it’s even more freaky that as much as Jell-O freaks me out, I love it!

    I’d never really given much thought to sports mascot’s but ya know? You’re right.

    BTW, you’re pretty freakin’ incredible! Just thought you should know!

    • Carol Anne

      Awww ….. (((hugs))) Thank you that’s nice of you to say. Oh and thanks for stopping by Audrey and thanks for the inspiration for a post. (((hugs))) Ed note: Find another word for thanks. Used 3 times in one reply.

  3. Angel

    strangers touching me

    touching someone else’s phone (cell, desk…doesn’t matter)

    someone picking up My Ink Pen….its like someone touching my toothbrush ~grimace~

    most other people’s feet ~gag~

    public bathrooms (I use em, but I don’t like ’em!)

    and it’s not that I’m germophobe…I’m peoplephobe…people are gross, in general and I’ve been to one too many OSHA classes :P

    animal innards prepared to be eaten (tripe…chicken hearts…liver :P )

    yeah I know…but really…I don’t have *issues*

    I have subscriptions

    lots of them!

    • Carol Anne

      OMG! Strangers touching me. Dear God, I hate that. Oh and people who insist on hugging you or kissing you when you first meet. Um, apparently you’re not alone in your “issues.” LOL

  4. Angel

    I forget that ” : P ” doesn’t make the same face everywhere ^^^

    that one is silly…I meant it in a *sticking my tongue out because these things are gross* kind of way

  5. Jenn weaver

    I’m a peoplephobe too! I have never heard the term before, thanks! And when I wash my hands in a public bathroom I pull the towel thing b4 washing me hands then use the paper towels I used to dry my hand to open the door! I don’t even want to think about how many ppl don’t wash their hands when the use the restroom! And I hate using public ones too!! Grosses me out!!!

    • Carol Anne

      Jenn, when I used to go to Booth Radiology for my MRIs and CAT scans there were directions for washing your hands hanging in the restroom. One of the steps was turn the faucet off with the paper towel instead of your bare hand. Since i read that I try to always have the paper towel ready ahead of time so I can tun the faucet off with the towel. (no, that is not a bottle of hand sanitizer that you see in my handbag, no it’s um clear hand lotion, yeah clear hand lotion. LOL)

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