1. I love your list. And yes. Go to Maine. It’s gorgeous. And so worth the trip.
    I hope you are crossing things off your list soon. And when you publish those books? I hope you’ll sign my copies for me! =)

  2. suz

    Love your list. Go to New England and I agree with Brandie, especially Maine, you can get the most wonderful photos there and lobster is so delicious and so cheap, you can get 1 1/2 pds complete with corn on the cob, coleslaw and potato for $21. Its the best. Nothing beats a trip up there. Hope you can get there to enjoy it.

    Suz (I love Revenge too)

  3. Roe M.

    Maine is somewhere I would like to see as well. I have a cousin who has traveled there numerous times and loves it! I hear it is beautiful! I have had lobster and I don’t get all the hype, to me it isn’t the best thing to eat. give me a great steak any day! As for LeBec Fin I did take my mom there for lunch to celebrate her 50th and we had a fun time. However, if my husband had been there with us, he would have wanted to order a pizza on the way home. portions were very small but I did enjoy the experience.

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