1. SC

    I wish if I were you I could do the old “Take a picture, it lasts longer” line, but when you know you were just doing your own thing in your own home ( & extra hard when you are neighbours to their family) and he just forgot to respect that he needs to see a line was crossed. They need to get some courtesy,or you should make it a point, don’t sacrifice your comfort for his.

  2. Sandy

    When I was a little girl, I would stare at people who were different than me. My Mom would scold me, and I learned. As I got older I learned to not look down, and to look at someone directly in the eyes, otherwise they would think you were lying. When I approach a cancer patient, or disabled, any other human condition, I do not stare, because I know it hurts, and I feel your anger at the stupidity of this man. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Angel

    you said have said “don’t worry, cancer isn’t contagious”

    I find making the other person even more uncomfortable is most satisfying :)

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