1. SC

    *claps hands* I love when you get like this (sorry, but I do). Enjoyed Thursdays Thoughts immensely and totally agree.

  2. suz

    Want to get really mad? Do you know that after the election providing Mr O
    wins again, they want to put up a 1% tax on your bank transactions. That’s right let that man get elected again and kiss away your money, every time you cash a check, do a bank transaction, every time a social security check comes in its 1%
    deduction coming off. Nothing like giving us less money than we have on our checks. I think this is complete traversty, its hard to believe we are getting deeper in more of a mess than we already are in. Everyone needs to think and tell others what’s on the venue for after the election. No stopping them then. So think before you exercise your American right to elect and save us from losing our hard-earned money

  3. suz

    I do not put anything past these people. The only promise that has come through from that man is that he would “change” the country. He sure has done that.

    • Carol Anne

      Suz, I allow all viewpoints and opinions here on my lil soapbox but I do try to stick to the facts, which is why I looked up the 1% tax on Snopes. I watch a lot of news and read a lot of political news and had never heard about the 1% tax and I figured if it were true there’d be pundits and tea party folks jumping up and down about it.

    • Carol Anne

      He’s cute, isn’t he? He lives in my backyard and makes a mess of the bird feeder. LOL We fill a bowl with critter food for him but he insists on eating the birdseed. ha ha Nature, go figure.

  4. Awesome post, and I LOVE your blog! I totally agree with everything you said about Obama and the women in politics today, it was refreshing to read such enlightened views, and I especially loved the cupcake flavor reference, fantastic! I’m sorry for what you’re going through, but I highly commend you for sharing your story so openly and honestly! I was just following up from last week’s #CommentHour, and am so happy to have found your blog because of it!

  5. Sandy

    Yes, I think the advisors are the ones giving him wrong advice. Obama is losing his base, I know he’s stubborn. But he’s in a bubble. They complain about GWB and his many vacations, but that doesn’t make it right. I will still vote for Obama, only to keep a Republican out of office. The President needs to get out of the jail they put him in and talk to all of us, don’t take New Jersey for granted.

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