1. Angel

    Bring on the Rain…Jo Dee Messina

    Another day has almost come and gone,
    Can’t imagine what else could go wrong.
    Sometimes I’d like to hide away somewhere and lock the door.
    A single battle lost but not the war.

    ‘Cause tomorrow’s another day
    and I’m thirsty anyway
    So bring on the rain.

    It’s almost like the hard times circle ’round.
    A couple drops and they all start comin down.
    Yeah, I might feel defeated,
    I might hang my head,
    I might be barely breathing, but I’m not dead.

    No, cause tomorrow’s another day,
    and I’m thirsty anyway,
    So bring on the rain.

    No I’m not gonna let it get me down.
    I’m not cry,
    and I’m not gonna lose any sleep tonight.

    ‘Cause tomorrow’s another day,
    and I am not afraid,
    so bring on the rain.

    tomorrow’s another day,
    and I’m thirsty anyway,
    so bring on the rain.

    No I’m not gonna let get me down,
    I’m not gonna cry.
    so bring on the rain.

    Bring on the rain
    Bring on the rain

  2. My opinion (and everyone has one of course) about friendship is that it’s give and take. I’m speaking about the falling out that you unfortunately had to deal with. No one can tell someone how to grieve. There is no right or wrong way. You spoke about it feeling like an exercise in learning how to give up control. Well perhaps the friend with whom you had the falling out needs to learn that lesson. I’m sure they wanted to be there for you in the way “they envisioned” and you of course wanted your results to turn out differently. We all wish to control situations in our lives and the lives of our loved ones/friends.

    You did what you needed to do for you. It’s not like you went on a verbal rampage and slayed everyone with horrible words of hatred. (I’m assuming this because I don’t get the feeling that you’re that type of person) They need to let go just like you needed/or need to let go of what you “thought” would unfold. It’s always good to hold onto hope but there’s a fine line (I trip over it all the time) between hoping for something and attempting to control an outcome.

    Upside? You’ve got people who love and support you. You have an amazing husband who is by your side. You have unwavering faith in God and you have tomorrow.

    I’m rambling. I’ll stop.
    Keep the faith.

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