1. Roe M.

    I feel terrible about it. Until you know anything definite I want to continue thinking positive and hoping for the best! You are in my thoughts & prayers. I actually went to bed and had a good cry to which my three best gals, my dogs, all jumped in bed and licked away my tears and made me feel very loved in that moment. Whenever you or Chuck need someone to talk to I hope you both know I am just a phone call away. I hope this agony can soon be completely behind you.

  2. SC

    It’s just like you to be worried about how everyone else is handling things, or how it effects everyone else. I understand that need to not talk, so don’t feel guilty about it. *hugs*

  3. Joy

    I am sorry everything is up in the air and not the news we all wanted. I can only tell you i sat here and cried a bit not in pity or anything just in knowing how having it hanging in the air can be and having great empathy for all your going through. I do not have anything witty or even slightly comforting that I could write but to say you are loved and know we are all here with you. Hugs for you both! I can understand the wanting to crawl in the hole feeling and asking why why isn’t this ending so I just want you to know someone out here understands a small fraction of this and honestly I wish I lived closer Id run right over there when you were up to it!
    Love ya!

    • AnnMarie

      Hi there,
      I ts hard to say anything to you at a time like this, its like you want to say so much but what? That I am truly sorry and wish with all my heart that I could take this worry from you. Well I do but taking away hurt and pain is hard, guess we just aren’t the right ones for that. Hopefully the tumor board will have some more ideas, no one said you did still have it and I know its hard but please try to take each day as it comes til you know what’s really happening. If we could all hug you and comfort the two of you that hug would go on forever and so will our faith that you will be seeing a lot more happy days in the future.

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