1. We are truly kindreds. I came over here from #commenthour and will come back, again. I love soapbox standing and speaking, BIG TIME! as well as writing. Let’s make it a point to reconnect… OH! I grew up in Glen Ridge. I have yet to go deep enough to know where you are from, but another synchronicity…

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks for stopping by Julie. Yes, please let’s reconnect. I’ll stop by your blog tomorrow to read further. To answer your question I’m originally from South Philly but not live over in South Jersey.

  2. Funny, I’m just finishing a post about almost this exact thing. My blog is small and I don’t rake in money off it, but it’s true to me and if I’M growing, it’s worth it. I’m not into building a huge brand for myself – that’s where blogging becomes an obligation and not a journey.

    Found you through #commenthour :)

  3. I thinks it’s good that you’re taking a step back to think about the reason why you blog in the first place. Many bloggers I know have done this and it has helped clarify things for them and, in the end, improve their blogs. At the end of the day, blog about whatever makes you happy! #commenthour

  4. this made me sad and smile all at once.

    I love the thought and love behind lunchbox notes. so simple. and the genuineness that brought you to grieve for your grandma with the passing of time.

    your photography is beautiful, when i look at the leaves in your next post.

    I also dont have straight lines of thought and i know it shows in my blog… but it is who i am.

    dont be sad you dont have tons of readers. it means you get to know the ones you have better

  5. I have struggled with some of the same thoughts about why I am writing. The main reason was to capture my advice to my daughter in the hopes that some day she will be able to look back on it—in whatever format—and use it in her life. As the numbers of “views” either increases or decreases, my own motivation seems to fluctuate drastically. I recognize that this happens, but it doesn’t make it any easier when I post something I love, and no one comments or even really reads it. That’s why I think it’s so great to have sites like SITs to bring women together to help support each other. I’m so glad to come across your blog, and I will be back.

  6. Jeannie

    Hi Carol Anne! Haven’t talked to you in awhile! I for one really enjoy reading your blog! Never miss a day! I occassionally read Pioneer Woman, basically for the recipes. But I think she has such a large audience that she can’t personally connect with any of them. Thats why I like yours so much ~ so much more personal. How have you been feeling?

    Big Honkin’ Hugs!!

    • Carol Anne

      (((hugs))) Jeannie. Thanks for your kind words, I’m flattered. How are you feeling? How are your treatments going?

  7. I completely understand where you are coming from. I started out with a VERY focused blog (Searching for Sustenance on blogspot) all about food and the food movement. I loved what I was writing, but it wasn’t ALL I wanted to write. At the beginning of this year I started Rivera Runs Through It and didn’t know what to focus on. In the spring I went to a blog conference amidst a complete identity crisis and came back writing all types of things on Rivera Runs Through It, letting SfS take a backseat.

    Here’s why: Nearly EVERY single panel I went to kept saying things like, “follow your passion,” or “you better love what you write,” and “your readers want to see YOU in the writing.”

    I knew my food blog was just one little bitty small piece of me and because that blog’s focus was SO narrow, there was little room to express myself any further. Enter Rivera Runs Through It. I’m still working my way through building an audience and garnering the type of traffic I did before, but I am having a BLAST and those who do follow me get that, I think!

    So, in short (ha ha – too late for that!), feel the love again. Let the “focus” be YOUR DESIRES. I ultimately decided I was OK with my mish-mash of topics because they are all the things I am interested in, and I would like an audience of like-minded souls reading my blog. I don’t know how many of us there are out there in the world, but THAT is my audience! :)

    • Carol Anne

      (((hugs))) Nicole, my kindred wordy spirit. (I am incapable of being brief) Thanks for your good advice. I took yesterday off and took some time to think. As it is (and as I am) it is a work in progress. Please drop by again. I love readers.

  8. John

    I would not change a thing. Think of your blog as your diary, it’s your day, it’s what’s on your mind and how you are feeling. Write the way you feel and forget about how it looks, sometimes things just are what they are.

  9. I think it is a beautiful idea and I love all the sunsets and the Lunchbox notes, which is such a precious gift. Visiting from #commenthour, although a little late to the party! Congratulations on being featured too! Lisa

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