1. OH YES, I need Autumn to get here…. may favorite time of year and anything’s better than the 105 degrees we’re expecting tomorrow!!

    • Carol Anne

      Sarah, I love autumn. It really is my favorite time of year. It’s as if the earth has time to stop and breath deep and prepare for the coming cold. There is peace and calm in the air; almost a sense of contentment.

  2. I’m totally behind you on the autumn countdown. I’ve never been much of a summer fan, but the heat this year has really hit hard. #commenthour

  3. Those leaves are such a tease! We have leaves on the ground here, but they are what has died from dehydration and fallen from the trees. Not pretty at all like the ones in your picture!! Also, I’m envious of your high temp, it was 112* here today!

    • Carol Anne

      Good grief Michele. *laughs* I hope you haven’t melted before I replied. The photo of the leaves is from last fall or the fall before that.

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