1. Lynn

    Oddly enough I got a 90%! It’s been over 33 years since I took my written test and I failed the first time and passed with an 80 the second time! :) Good luck girlie–they got lots of restrictions and nonsense nowadays.

  2. SC

    Wow Chuck is responsible for your driving even if he isn’t in the car? And yeah when you try out the tests at first that’s bound to happen lol. I lost count of how many practice tests I did!

    Well here after you pass the knowledge test you have to do 120 hours of driving with a fully licensed driver including 20 hours night driving on Learner (L) plates and many restrictions including alcohol, speed and if you are under a certain age , passengers. Then if you pass the driving test you get red P plates ( probationary), again restrictions but you can go max 90km/hr rather than 80. After a year you do another test (hazard perception) and you get Green P plates for two years (max speed 100 km/hr). Then it’s another computer test before you get a full license. So 4 tests in all, no alcohol consumption, reduced speeds, no driving certain cars, no mobile phones (on L and red P you can’t use hands free either). And I am terrified of tests. But guess what? 3 tests passed, one more at the beginning of next year and I managed to pass even with my ridiculous nerves than nearly killed me. So for you, with the brain you’ve got and not being crazy like me, you’ll have no problems.

  3. Lynn

    LOL Wow Sweet, I thought they had instituted tons of restrictions here from when I got my license to when the girls went! The oldest took 5 times to pass the written (she’s like you, SC–choke artist on tests) and then never went for the road test to get her license (you all know about that)–the baby aced both in one and has been driving with no provisions for almost a year now! Wow! Carol Anne, the test is really common sense–both girlies stressed over them and read all the intricate crap in the manual and were trying to remember all these facts and statistics and then when they took the test it was not all that deep. Got my fingers crossed for ya!

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