Murders at the Duck Pond Leave Me Pondering Man’s Inherent Goodness

Ask yourself. What kind of a person could beat one of these to death?

People astonish me, they honestly do. I’m sitting here trying to process what I just read and I just can’t. I’m revolted and appalled and angry and more than a little alarmed.

I sat down to read Facebook this morning and stumbled upon this story in the Gloucester County Times, NJSPCA to investigate West Deptford Twp. duck abuse. Go ahead, read it. I’ll wait for you to catch up. As you’ve now learned from reading the article there is a group of kids in West Deptford who are killing ducks and turtles for entertainment. These are not hunters. No, these are little monsters beating animals to death with sticks and bats.

What blows me away is that according to the newspaper this isn’t happening in the dead of night. No this is going on between 4pm and 7pm.  The killers are so brazen they commit their crimes right out in the open and fight back when people try to stop them. I’m most troubled by the next 2 sentences.

“West Deptford police have responded numerous times to calls of the abuse. But there’s only so much they can do unless the children are caught or there is sufficient evidence to charge any individual.”

Are they serious? Are they really serious? Nothing can be done because they have to be caught? *beats head on desk* Oh my God! They’re doing it right out in the open and they can’t be caught? Here’s an idea. CATCH THEM! For the love of God get some undercover cops out there and catch them in the act. It’s not as though they’re afraid of an audience. Hell they probably enjoy an audience.

I understand, honestly I do, and I know that police departments are understaffed and overwhelmed but in my eyes this is no small crime. I know you’re tempted to say they’re just ducks and they’re just kids, but they aren’t. These are killers, stone cold killers, who should be locked up for life. They should just throw away the key and walk away.

Dear God! These are children ages 5-13 and they’re killing for enjoyment or for thrills. They beat mama ducks to death with bats and sticks while mamas tried to protect their ducklings in their nests. When they’d succeeded in killing the mama ducks they used the ducklings as baseballs. These aren’t bored kids lacking supervision these aren’t even troubled kids these kids are a wild pack of stone cold killers. An otherwise normal human being just doesn’t one day decide to beat another living being to death and they most certainly don’t do it repeatedly even after being caught. These are fearless and violent individuals who should be locked away for the safety and good of society.

After reading this morning’s news I’m back to pondering if man is in fact inherently good or in fact evil.


  1. Suze

    They seem like they need to be locked up or removed from the parents care for neglect. They will end up in Jail or worse. There is no future. I work with children with medntal illness and they need to be in a controlled environment and on MEDS!

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