1. Wow, I got choked up just reading this! I love this kinda stuff too, it gives a wonderful feeling doesn’t it? btw, I read your about me page, which I do believe is the best About Me I’ve read. Lovely lady, lovely blog!

  2. Actually,
    This “Welcome Home Escort” that you witnessed was by the Warriors Watch Riders. Although we are a mixed group of people and riders, The Warriors Watch Riders act as a Melting pot or focal point for the support of our Military and First responders and include all Like Minded groups and clubs who wish to ride in Support of these Heroes. It simply takes a visit to our website to submit a “REQUEST” for our services. It is an Honor to do this for all these returning Heroes. And, to let you in on a little secret… You dont Need a Motorcycle to be part of these Welcome Homes. There are many other support groups that we work hand in hand with to Make these Welcome Homes happen. Check them out to. : http://www.yellowribbonclub.org or http://www.aheros-welcome.org … and then there are our Beloved Gold-Star Families whom we keep close to our hearts and in our Prayers Daily. http://www.goldstarmoms.com .

    Pray for our Troops and Keep their loved ones in your thoughts and Prayers.
    Peace and God Bless
    Rich “RedBeard” Brewer
    NJ Sate Coordinator
    Warriors Watch Riders

    • Carol Anne

      Rich, Thanks for stopping by to offer the correct information. I’ve fixed the post to credit the correct group of folks. I’m still marveling at yesterday. Dad’s a veteran and an AMVET and I never even knew such groups existed. You do an amazing thing. It was a nice reminder that kind and generous people still populate the earth.

  3. Hi Carol Anne,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your kind words on what we did in Deptford last night. While the Patriot Guard Riders have members who are filled with Patriotism, the Welcome Home mission you witnessed was done by the Warriors’ Watch Riders. Although, several people ride with both groups, because after all, its not about the patch you wear, it’s about paying Honor and giving Respect to America’s Real Heroes. And one doesn’t have to ride to join either group.

    • Carol Anne

      John, thank you so much for clearing up my mistake. I fixed the post to credit the correct group. It really was an amazing sight to see on Saturday afternoon.

  4. SC

    Wow, this gave me goosebumps, how heartening. And I am so glad that people have commented and given more information. How wonderful.

  5. Carol Anne:
    I’m glad you could be a part of welcoming home this young man. We also do “mug-n-hugs” for folks like your Dad – ride up, make a lot of noise, and make a fuss over our honoree. As Redbeard said, a motorcycle is not needed; I’m usually in my car (or cage, as the other-than-bikes are called) most of the time. I hope you will check out our site and join this great group of folks on more welcome homes; you would be welcome at any missions you could attend. There are no requirements except what you already have – appreciation and respect for service!
    By John posting your note to him on our forum and knowing our ‘family’, you now have a whole lot of more folks around the world who have you in their prayers and thoughts. All the best, Lady!

    • Carol Anne

      Jane, thanks so much for your kind words. Any and all prayers are very much appreciated and needed. The mugs-n-hugs sounds right up dad’s alley. Maybe I’ll surprise in in 2 years for his 80th birthday. :-)

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Sarah. I think he found me because I sent an e-mail telling the group thanks for doing such a nice thing. :-)

  6. RedBeard

    Carole Anne,
    Popped back in to browse your “SoapBox” a little more…. Just wanted to say … YOU are in the Prayers of many and now a few more. I will make sure to send this Link and post a little bit of it on the “FORUM” we have in the NJ area … hoping for others to visit here and send you those Ever so special ” hugs” and specially to include you in their Prayers.
    You be well Carol Anne and let us know when we can send our group over to meet your dad and shake the hand of this American Hero…. And also, to get one of those Group MUG and HUG out for you while we are there…. ( Smiles )

    Peace and God Bless to you.
    Rich “RedBeard”
    NJ Warriors Watch Riders

  7. mopargyrl

    i joined the Warriors’ Watch Riders on April 20th of this year that happened to be my fathers 82 birthday he also is a Korean War Vet he and my mom had met a couple of WWR members in a local hardware store he had one of his Korean War hats on and they came up to him and thanked him for his service he talked about it for days afterwards they ran into the same couple again and they remembered him and they chatted and went on their way…well for his birthday we arranged a mug-n-hug and the look on his face was AWSOME he was like a little kid…..i joined that day and have been on about 16 or so Missions and it is great and i dont have a motorcycle i drive my car,,,,i think it is something everyone should experience at least once in their life and i think ur dad would be over the moon hope to see ya soon,,,,take care Mopargyrl(Kelli) PA Warriors’ Watch Riders

  8. Sharon

    Hi Carol Anne,
    I am also a member of WWR and saw your link posted, just wanted to let you know that you and yours have been added to our prayers and thoughts. Thank your father for his service from all of us. :)

    • Carol Anne

      Thank you Sharon any and all prayers are greatly appreciated. I’m going to print a copy of this blog post to give to dad when I see him this weekend. He hasn’t been feeling well (nothing serious) and I think he’ll get a kick out of all this :-)

  9. Kelli

    just wanted to stop back and say i have wondered aroud your blog site and read the about me and it was very well put to gether with a bit of humor you have been added to my prayer list and are in my thoughts as well….

  10. "Jinksey"

    Carol Anne, It was nice of you to blog about the rush of patriotism you felt when you witnessed the welcome home at Don Pueblos. Welcoming home our Hero’s is very addictive and I feel the way you felt each and every time the WWR and YRC welcome home another hero. Just about every day a hero returns from war in the Philadelphia area. They all deserve our thanks.

    You are dealing with some struggles of your own and I want to tell you to hang in there. I perused your SOAPBOX web site. You seem to be able to make the best of any situation, and you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing, stay the course.

  11. Fuzzy

    Hi Carol Anne.
    What a happy accident it was that you stumbled onto us at Don Pablo’s.
    And yes, each and every time we welcome home a Hero we get that rush of goosebumps and happy tears.
    We would be honored if you were able to attend a homecoming with us.
    I admire your strength and courage.
    I hope to meet you someday to thank you in person for sharing your journey with us and the world.
    Prayers and hugs for you.

  12. Dave

    Hi Carol Anne,
    There is no time like the present, Why wait the two years for his birthday? You are in the thoughts of so many now. Godspeed

    Underbird, SEPA WWR

  13. Hi Carol Anne, You are in our thoughts and prayers, We would love to mug and hug your dad, and to meet his amazing daughter. And I see you already have a Do Rag so you would fit right in with this Family. Hope to see you soon.

  14. Lillian (MsWindow)

    Hi Carol Anne, please feel free to come and join us on a Mission at any time. John (Window) and I will be keeping you in our prayers.

    Lil (aka MsWindow), NJ WWR

  15. Mike (Grizzly)

    Carol Anne. I am so glad that you were able to witness us bringing LCpl Koop home. Every time I participate in one of the welcome homes I realize how much these men and women’s families appreciate it after all of the heartache of their child being in danger to see them welcomed home in a special way. I ride with both the Warriors Watch and Patriot Guard and every time I bring a new rider with me the look on their face when they see all of it is amazing.

    I read through your posts and your courage is inspiring. You are definately in my families prayers. And we would love to do a mug & hug for your dad.

  16. Love this. I’m also the child of a soldier and the grandchild of WWII and Korean War vets and my own man is currently serving in the US Army – I’m always heartened to see that so many never forget the sacrifices of our military!

    • Carol Anne

      Sarah thank you for stopping by to comment. I’m also from a long line of military men. My great uncle served under Gen. Patton in WWII. Prayers for your very brave hubs.

  17. Chris DiFilippo

    Carol Anne,
    As someone who was also raised by someone who bravely served his country, he instilled in my sister and I that the benefits we have as American’s comes from the soldiers and sailors who sign over their lives to defend the American way, and we should be forever indebted and respectful to them. I am 42 years old, I have always thanked and shook the hand of anyone who has served his/her country and always will. I always felt this was the only way for me to express my gratitude. Then we were bitten by the biker bug, my husband and I! We were invited to bring home a hero earlier in the year, of which we did. I found myself quite like you described, filled with emotion. I have been on about 5 or 6 missions (including the one you witnessed and so eloquently penned on your blog) and have the same reaction every time! I now stalk the WWR website for missions and will go on every one of the missions I possibly can! I am always in awe that the hero’s and their families all thank us profusely, and all we do is show up and give our hero’s a small recognition and show appreciation – when in actuality there is no way to thank them adequately. I hope to see you at one of the missions, and will look forward to shaking your dad’s hand and thank him personally for my freedom.

  18. Chris DiFilippo

    P.S. You fight, as you are a warrior as well! You are strong and you have a whole lot of good karma coming your way!

  19. I guess patriotism gets a bad rap because of who has taken over the cause. But, no matter what, I still believe in it, teach my daughter about it and practice it. The groups like the Warriors Watch Riders are to be commended for what they do. I’m the daughter and husband of a Vet and cry when I see our flag flying! This is so special. Thanks for sharing your view.

  20. Carole Anne…..
    Just stopped in to see how my Favorite Blogger / Warrior is doing.
    You are surrounded by many who wish you well and support you. IT IS AWESOME to see and Read.
    Peace and God Bless to you Carol Anne
    Rich “RedBeard” Brewer
    NJ Warriors Watch Riders

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