• Carol Anne

      Carole, I’m totally hooked! My mother gave me number 15 and I was like what am I going to do with number 15? So I bought number 1 and started reading my way through. I see that she just got number 17 in the mail this week. I’ll be swiping that to put away for later. She’s also got me hooked on the Spellman Files series.

  1. Angel

    I am alone. Alone here and alone in the world. Alone in my heart and alone in my mind. Alone everywhere, all the time, for as long as I can remember. Alone with my Family, alone with my friends, alone in a Room full of People. Alone when I wake, alone through each awful day, alone when I finally meet the blackness. I am alone in my horror. Alone in my horror.

    I know, more than 2 sentences, but to dissect that paragraph would dissect its power.

    A Million Little Pieces, James Frey

    promoted as an autobiography, subsequently exposed as fraud, still exquisite fiction, in this writer’s humble opinion

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Angel. I actually always wanted to read A Million Little Pieces. I just saw it in Barnes & Noble on Friday and thought about picking it up.

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