1. Jeannie

    Sounds like you had a awesome day! Perfect for when its raining outside! They sent me home with my “souvenir” also. I showed a few of my friends and family. They couldn’t believe the size of it! One gal thought it was this little eye mask! LOL I guess I really should get it out of my backseat now! LOL Wed. Roger & I are going to Seneca/Allegheny NY Casino for a couple of days. My birthday is Thurs. so he thought it would be nice to take a little road trip. Its not a bad drive either ~ just about 3 hrs. which is all about I can take sitting without going bonkers! He’s bringing his little laptop with him so maybe I’ll check in in the evening. If not, I’ll be talking with you Friday night!! Enjoy your day tomorrow!! {{HUGS}}

  2. suz

    Sounds like you are a lady of leisure but good leisure at that. You sure deserve a nice long relaxing bunch of days after all that worry and anxiety have come and gone. So pull up a chair (or a desk if it suits you) and do exactly what you want to do to make you feel better. Enjoy your flowers and the birds and all the nice things that surround you. Enjoy your favorite things and just think good thoughts.


  3. yay! i’m so glad you’ve finally got a day to relax. it was so strange for me when i finished radiation and didn’t have to go back to the doctor the next day. i’d been averaging more than 1 appointment a day for the 8 months prior. so glad you are able to read too because one of my biggest issues with chemotherapy was that it made reading almost impossible for me. and i didn’t take my radiation mask home because after i had gone through it all i didn’t want to have anything to do with it for a while (i’m almost a year out now and just starting to be able to talk about it).

    • Carol Anne

      Carrie, every day this week I’ve felt like there’s something I’ve not done or something that’s missing. I’m glad to be finally done but I miss the amazing women who took care of me every day.

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