1. Jeannie

    Whoohoo!!!! You did it!!! This was one of the nicest blogs I’ve read~just because your a bit less stressed and happy. Are you sure you aren’t married to my hubby? They sound identical!! We ARE very lucky to have them! I’m so glad this part of your journey is over with! Since I’ll probably won’t ever meet you wonderful Mr. Soapy, give him a hug and kiss from me and thank him for being a perfect husband!! Love Ya!

  2. SC

    I haven’t been near a computer all day & I’ve been dying to see how you went. Congratulations, you did it! I wish I could give you & all your family a big hug. What a wonderful post, you make me feel more grateful to know you each day.

  3. suz

    Congrats from me too. As being your friend and adopted sister these last 10 years, today I am the very proudest of you my little sister.. You have done it and that’s just wonderful. I think that your sharing all this with us has been at times these many months has been at times tearful, hopeful, anxious and now I can add full of happiness for you so thank you for sharing this with me and everyone else who has been glued to this site and thank you for being my friend.

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