1. Sounds like they are creating a distraction in what we call here in Florida as “virtual water resource protection.” While the guy shouldn’t have pee’d, what other “shouldn’ts are being blatantly ignored? Was he making a social statement?
    Possible rewrite: “Resident Takes Actions to abate Doubt – Pees Directly into Reservoir.”

    (Search with #janesworld for daily rewrites of the news. Have a Sunny Day!)

  2. Angel

    “coz the bears and raccoons and birds and such would *never* use an open body of water as a toilet ~rolls eyes~

    that makes me think they have no faith in their filtration/purification system if a couple ounces of pee could contaminate the entire reservoir

    and lets not mention all the pharmaceuticals that our drinking water tests positive for


    • Carol Anne

      Agreed Angel. Even if they have no faith in their filtration system they most certainly could have some real good with an excess of 8 million gallons of water. Why is it that nobody uses common sense anymore?*shakes head*

  3. Suze

    Today is the last day! have a good week and try to enjoy yourself. I had a lovely weekend and made it home safely. It was a long trip and I will be recovering tomorrow. I will check in on you…

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