365 Days of Carol Anne (Why is nothing ever easy?)

Day 177

*sigh* Here I am the night before my last treatment. My head is in pretty bad shape. The skin graft area is blessedly still holding up well but the same cannot be said for the top of my head. My skin’s pealing, which makes removing the dressing an adventure. I wish I didn’t have to go tomorrow. I wish I could just be done. I know this sounds like sour grapes and that I should just suck it up and be done with it tomorrow but I should have been done on Friday. I didn’t want this to move in to an eighth week. Hell I originally thought I’d be 6 weeks and change.

It’s been an up and down weekend. Friday was Chuck’s birthday and the weather was really just too hot and too sunny for us to really do anything like go to the shore or the zoo so we relaxed and unwound. Saturday we were supposed to go to Tortilla Press in Collingswood but came out to a flat tire by the time AAA came and the tire was changed it was just too late for a big Mexican meal so we had dinner at Outback and came home and snuggled on the couch watching episodes of West Wing on DVD. Today we had finally had a proper birthday dinner at PF Chang’s in Marlton. Dinner was fantastic and oh so yummy. Upon arriving at home we noticed the other back tire was low on air so off to the gas station we went to fill it up. We’re crossing our fingers that we don’t come out to yet another flat tire tomorrow morning.

Because now we need 2 new tires and we can’t chance driving too much/too far on a bad tire we’ve had to enlist my dad to pick us up at Chuck’s mechanic’s garage in Philly then drive us back to Cooper for my last treatment.  *sigh* I’m stressed out, tired and very ready for this process to come to an end. Hopefully I’ll be in a better mood when we meet back here tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by to read. I love you all.


~ Carol Anne


  1. SC

    Aww I think the universe just thinks you need another day/night of quiet time. Ask Mr Soapy to give you a squeeze for me please! I’ll be thinking of you today :)

  2. Hey, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I really hope your last treatment goes well for you today! I wish you all the best! xo Sabrina

  3. Barbara

    Hang in there Carol Anne! Do they expect the skin to heal faster/stop peeling when the treatments are done?

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Barbara. They told me at my last treatment yesterday that the effects of radiation are cumulative and that my head will get worse before it gets better. They said in the next week I could very likely expect more blisters and peeling. I see my plastic surgeon and a dermatologist next week so I’m guessing I’ll be well taken care of while I heal.

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