1. AnnMarie


    That was really nice of that girl Suze to do that in honor of you two. Maybe all these problems that are coming up is because they are closing in on the treatment area and making it more intensive. Have you questioned the doctor or whoever is in charge if this is normal, if it is, it would ease your worry and make you feel better. Hang in there, you are so close now.


  2. Suze

    Locks of Love is on fb and twitter. Full of ppl who left a Salon happy as I was after my first donation on Monday! Very inspiring! Planning on donating again as are many others.Getting compliments on my short hair!

  3. Suze

    A friend of mine, Corey is donating on Tuesday. 10 inches of light brown straight hair. She is looking forward to it. I will not be able to be there with her but she is ready to do this. So, I got something going here…A work friend is considering a new style.

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