1. Jeannie

    Do you have 6 more rads? The time will go quickly, really! What happens then? Hope you have a great day Monday and I’ll be reading you tomorrow night! God Bless You!!

    • Carol Anne

      Jeannie, I have 6 more radiation treatments; 5 after today’s treatment. After I finish next Monday I have a regularly scheduled eye doctor appointment, a meeting with my plastic surgeon to check on the progress of my head and an appointment with my neurosurgeon before which I need a head and neck MRI to make sure there is nothing residual. (um I just reread what I wrote all of those appointments are not all scheduled for next Monday) I’ll also need to make an appointment with a dermatologist to have the rest of me checked for skin cancer. According to my Oncologist I’ll need long term follow up.

      What about you? When do your next radiation treatments begin? How are you holding up?

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