1. Corvus Dance

    I understand the tired. But the treatments WILL run their course. Promise. Are you getting enough liquids? Did anyone tell you about cottage cheese (the chemo wonder food)? High protien, low fat, easy on the tummy. My mom and Ferne swore by it. Hugs. Well wishes. Happy rest and keep going. Just a couple more weeks. More hugs. – K

    • Carol Anne

      K, no I’ve never heard about cottage cheese being the chemo wonder food. I’m actually undergoing radiation treatments but I very well may pick some up the next time I good food shopping. Thanks stopping by and for your care and concern. (((hugs)))

  2. Not too long ago, my mother had bladder cancer. The chemo method they used didn’t agree with her, and she wound up having to go to the emergency room more than once for bleeding. She thought she would never be done with the treatments. But they finally did end, and today, a year later, she has a completely healthy bladder. Hang in. Hold on.

    • Carol Anne

      Gray, thank you for your care and concern and for sharing your mother’s story. All kind and caring thoughts are greatly appreciated. I’m so glad to hear your mom is healthy, I’m constantly amazed by daily miracles and the miraculous ability of doctors and modern medicine.

  3. suz

    Hey there,

    You have come so far and you are almost there, almost done. You can’t help something happened to delay your treatment but you just need to hang in there and keep going. Just take this one day at a time and know how close you are to being done with this. You can do this for everyone who cares so much for you but YOU NEED TO DO THIS FOR YOU TO MAKE YOURSELF BETTER.


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