1. Arlene

    Just want to wish you luck! In my opinion god gives some people much more than they should ever have to handle! But, I know you will handle these bumps in the road & make it through & I will be there waiting for you @ the finish line!
    Love you! Me

    • Carol Anne

      Thank you Arlene. I said this on Facebook but it bears saying again, I couldn’t have gotten through this without your love and support. I’m so humbled by how everyone has rallied around me.

    • Carol Anne

      Thank you Jeannie. How are you holding up? I’ve lost track. Where are you with your treatments? You’re always in my prayers. (((hugs)))

  2. Angel


    I don’t know about *sage advice* but it ~is~ What I Believe. The signs are always there…we just need to choose to pay attention soon enough or…be forced to pay attention eventually

    sometimes, the loudest scream goes unheard and the softest whisper can change your life

    • Carol Anne

      Angel, you sell yourself short. It and most (if not all) of your advice is sage and right on the money. (((hugs)))

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