1. Jeannie

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I’m feeling the same way as you lately, as this was just what I needed to give myself a kick in the ass. Would you happen to have a link to that article? {{HUGS MY FRIEND}}

  2. God gives us the burdens we can handle. We all complain about the load and occasionally ask Him for help. All we can do for others is try to lighten their loads as much as we can – a smile, a favor, some conversation. That’s why we’re here. :-)

  3. jenn weaver

    everyone who has been thru a hard time in their life, even thoo most wont admitt it outloud, have had the exact same feelings. they said the real reason that the nurses like me us my upbeaat happy mood. only God knows how they can keep going on after hearing that, but we all need to enjoy the time we have here, weather its with our real families, or with work families or friends that u consider familty! would u rather be happy or sad?? i really admire the deep down inside honesty that you share with everyone!! i dont think i have the guts to do that.
    my grandmom always said Gog will not give you more than u can handle!! i’ve questioned that one too,but you’ve gontta keep moving on! there will be better days ahead!! (((((HUGS))

    • Carol Anne

      (((hugs))) Jenn. You should write down your experience with your brain aneurysm. I’d post it for you here if you were so incline. I’m so grateful for your love and support. (((more hugs)))

  4. Angel

    feeling like this is how you know you are human

    no one can, or should, be expected to face life’s battles with a perpetual smile on their face


    • Carol Anne

      Thank you Angel. I appreciate you for being my friend to rand and rave and vent to. Sunday’s post was inspired in part by you. ((((hugs)))

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