1. Joy

    With Lupus I have to have a good sunblock myself between most of my meds making me super sensitive to sunlight and the lupus itself I totally Understand. The best one I could find for a reasonable price is the one you bought the neutrogena. It has worked well for me so far I hope you find it helps you as well.
    Love and Hugs,

    • Carol Anne

      Joy, how do you handle the ickiness of the feeling of the Neutrogena on your face? I was miserable all day with it on my face.

  2. Angel

    just an fyi from someone with extremely sensitive skin (on my face) I buy a formula designed for babies (Baby Faces, by Hawaiian Tropic being a fav) Otherwise, I get more skin damage from the irritations and breakout than I ever would from being in the sun.

    They come in spf 50 and higher, but I don’t know where they fall within the other guidelines

    • Carol Anne

      Angel, that Neutrogena crap I bought was awful. I felt like the Joker (Heath Ledger’s portrayal) in the Batman movie. It was heavy, thick, pancake makeupy. I spent most of the day thinking I wish I could go home and wash my face.

  3. Joy

    Running to my purse to see which one i have thinking mine is not same as yours as it is light to put on and not heavy at all I am using: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 100+ with Helioplex, I love it none of what you described and light when you put it on. I hope you see this post I had not had a chance to come back here to repost till today. Oh ya it says waterproof on it but we know it really probably isn’t after your research lol but I still like it. ;)

  4. Joy

    you will have to let me know what she says about it or what you end up using i love summer but the summer sun she don’t love me lol so if you find something really good and affordable from your visit to the doc let me know :)
    Big Big Hugs!
    Love ya,

    • Carol Anne

      I asked her what she recommended and lo and behold it’s the Neutrogena. Ugh, with a side of ugh. Oh and positively NO SUN w/o a hat. I need to go buy a hat.

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