1. When I hear self-appointed prophets predict the day the world will end, I’m certain it will NOT end that day because of the Biblical quote you gave.

    I’m new(ish) here – – – it appears to me that you are giving a valiant fight to that nasty invader that is trying to rob your joy.

    • Carol Anne

      *nods* Agreed Keetha. I’m not entirely well-versed in the bible. I’ve never read it in its entirety. But that verse kept running through my head when I’d see the billboards or news reports.

  2. I haven’t not been able to take a decent moon photo. I think I need to have a new lens and now I’m totally inspired to go out and learn how to photograph the moon because your shots are gorgeous! Thank you.

    I’m over here via SIMC so I don’t know your back story, but I’m a big believer in documenting the hard parts as well as the good. Thank you for the glimpse into your treatment.

  3. PearlsGirl

    Everything about this is beautiful. The photos, your words, your spirit and soul. I am touched, just so touched. I’ll be back to your site. Profound! Bless you.

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