1. Tough day from the sounds of it but finishing it off with Outback? I”m officially jealous. Sending up prayers and believing that blessings will follow. Also hoping that after a night of rest you’re feeling better.

    We Jersey gals are tough.

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Jersey. After a good night’s sleep I’m feeling much better and much more in control of my emotions. Thank you for your prayers. (((hugs)))

  2. Christina Turley

    Chuck, That was so nice of you to update Carol Anne’s Blog…at the end of the day the most important thing is you both have each other. I keep you both in my prayers on a daily basis. I am also so thankful I got back in touch with Carol Anne:) On a lighter note…hope you both had something very fattening @Outback…still one of my favorite places to eat!!! You should both try a Bonefish Grill if you have one near you great food…owned by Outback.

    • Carol Anne

      Chuck says Thank you Christina. I do too. (((hugs))) I appreciate the prayers. We have a Bonefish Grill in Deptford right next to the Outback. We’ll have to stop in some day. I’m glad we got back in touch also. I wish Chuck would get a Facebook so he could keep in touch also. (((more hugs)))

  3. arlene

    Chuck, You are a good husband! Thank you for taking care of our sister through all this! I am sorry Carol Anne had a bad day! I thought it was odd when she didn’t text me back, she always does. Unfortunately, I came home & fell asleep,(shame on me) I will give you guys a call today! If you need anything, please let me know. You guys are great together but lean a little bit! We are here for you both! Love you guys.

    • Carol Anne

      Thank you Arlene. Chuck says thank as well. It was a bad day, I melted down twice. Chuck finally convinced me to take some Tylenol PM and to just lay down and go to sleep. (((hugs)))

  4. Jeannie

    Thank You Mr. Soapy for keeping up with the blog! If she missed a day I would know something was wrong! So sorry to hear Carol Anne had a bad day. Glad she’s feeling a bit better today! {{HUGS}}

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Jeannie. I am feeling better today. I’m glad the hubs sent me to bed and kept the blog updated for me.

  5. Suz

    Sorry that I am coming in on the tail end of this day but I didn’t have a moment to sit before now. thnks Chuck for being so nice and letting us know what’s happening as we all worry a lot. Give your dear wife a big hug for me and tell her I am thinking about you both. You really are such a great match together. Just keep in touch with us either one of you. Hugs, Siz

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