1. Jenn weaver

    I’m soo happy that ur first treAtment went soo good! I understand ur closed in feeling, but it sounds like after tomorrow she won’t need to tweek it after that!! I’m soo glad u survived it mentally speaking!! Also i’m sooestadic that u didn’t week any pain or have to deal w the noise like a MRI mChine!! That’s awesome!! I had even messages Roe earlier to see if she heard how u made out, but she didn’t get back to me.
    Hopefully now that u know what to expect, the rest of tour treatments won’t be so stressful for u!! All my love n all my prYers are with u and the fam!! Love u and good luck!! Let me know how u are whe. U get home tomorrow!!!<3 (((((HUGS))))))

  2. SC

    I’m glad the first one is over. You did really well. I’m glad you put the link to the website so I can further understand what you are going through. And yes, the medical profession are good at turning your plans upside down- but god forbid if you changed on them eh? Oh and as for the ugly crying, I am right there with ya girlie! And don’t even think of looking at me afterwards, it’s not pretty. *shudder* Why isn’t it like the movies lol? Big hugs to you and Chuck and I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow!

  3. Barbara (@ThisBarbara)

    Ah, so glad this went well! Your doc does sound amazing and I agree about the time changes, wth? Anyway hugs to you! LOL about the ugly crying, I’m right with you there as well!

  4. suz

    Hi Chickie,
    One day down good for you. That had to be the most anxious one for you and hopefully you will sail right through the rest of them. Your doctor sounds like a wonderful angel and how we need them when we are really in trouble. Glad she is there for you, changing to her was probably your saving grace so good for you. Hope the rest of these days go by fast and you can see the day when this will all be done with and you can be yourself again. Then you can cry a bunch of good tears.

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