1. suz

    I got up at 04:30 to watch the wedding, now I am kind of tired but its a long day to go. Want to see the shuttle go up, I’m sure they will break in to the programs, how did you like Kate’s wedding gown? I thought it looked a lot like Grace Kelly’s. She was so elegant too.
    I think I have a diagnosis or what the dr. feels is going on with me and you knowing me so well if I told you the chance of having it are 2 out of 1000 ppl would you think that could possibly be me. I won’t know for sure if I have it or not til I get the blood tests but he thinks its morphea. Look it up, its nuts if it gets out of hand, people wind up deformed or in wheelchairs, I sure hope to God that’s not me. Say a prayer for me that I come out of this with only a mild case if I do have it. If anyone could get something strange its definitely me. You know that for sure. I am never ordinary.


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