1. SC

    You won’t be alone, everyone will be right there with you, I promise you. Take strength from that.

    Glad you are on the mend. *hugs*

  2. suz

    oH HONEY please no matter what do not give not going another thought. You have to make your body well again so you can go on with your life and live a healthy and happy one. I am here thinking the 2 biopsies I have to have today just may or may not be the answer to what I need to now but I hate to even go, I just have had enough. Like everything else, you must go on so I will present myself at the designated time and let the doctor do it again, hopefully for the last time. I guess that’s our lot in life, sometimes I wish we were both so healthy and disease free we wouldn’t have to worry for the rest of our lives. Who knows, maybe that will happen for both of us. Hope so


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