1. Jeannie

    I know what you mean! A girlfriend since high school is on facebook, like myself, and she has never even acknowledged that I’ve been sick. Even if she dropped a line like, I’m thinking of you, wish you well. That would even be nice. It really does hurt my feelings. But, the friends and family who do support me makes up for the ones who don’t!

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Jeannie. Yeah, one of the folks I’m talking about is on Facebook w/ me as well. I even dropped her a line asking how she and her hubby were doing around Christmas time and she never replied. I normally focus on all the good folks in my life, not sure why this is plaguing me now. How are you? I’ve been Tweeting you. How are you feeling? Did your treatments start yet?

  2. SC

    It’s not petty. If it’s important enough for you to be dwelling on it, it matters. Point me to ’em and let me go!

  3. Rachel Rogers

    You will have these days. They are just one stop on this journey. It’s interesting how time tends to weed out those that truly matter in your life.

    I’m right there with the others, let me at them!! This is something that is plaguing you, that does not make it small or petty or any of the other things. You are beautiful soul and I for one am blessed to know you. I am not right there with you, but I love you dearly. Sending you big Cyber Hugs and Glitter Kisses today!!

    Rach : )

    P.S. What are you going to do with the photos that you took of the children? You should start a portfolio.

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