1. Jeannie

    I’m so glad you found a dr. that your comfortable with. Its very important. I meant to ask you this before but forgot; what is a sim? and who is Our Lady of Knock?

    I met with my new radiologist today (what a cutie)!! and had the face mask made. Hopefully tomorrow they’ll call me to give me my schedule to start my chemo/rad. It would be great if I could start next week!

    {{HUGS}} to you and keeping you in my prayers!!!

    • Carol Anne

      A sim is what the doctors at Cooper call the simulation appointment. It’s the one or two appointments where they make the mask and make a map of where they’re going to treat with radiation and do a final run through of what they’ll do during radiation treatments.

      Our Lady of Knock is a representation of the Blessed Mother as she appeared in Knock, Ireland.

  2. SUZ

    Hi Chickie,
    Wonderful fof you that things are going so well with that new doctor. Its so good for you that you found one like that, she sounds like she will do her very best for you and that’s exactly what you need to hear. I love that statue and like everyone else I never heard of Our Lady of Knock. Keep taking those great pictures, its so nice to view them. Talk with you soon.


    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Suz! Okay this is for everyone reading … Are Roman Catholics the only folks who believe in apparitions of the Blessed Mother?

  3. SUZ

    Hmm that’s a good question. I really don’t know for sure but I do know that the Greek Catholic and I believe the Greek Orthodox community also believe in that
    as for anyone else, I’m not sure. I can tell you something that has happened here locally. We had an old Presbyterian church in the next little town its been there for years, then all of sudden there were pictures all over the glass doors of Virgin Mary. Couldn’t figure it out, no one ever seems to go there for any services and it just didn’t seem like it could be a Catholic church since there is one a few blocks away. 2 years ago they had the most beautiful nativity set out front that was so life-size and beautiful I don’t know how someone didn’t steal it. Finally they fixed the steps and put up a big white sign with silver letters saying Chapel of Our Lady of the Light. Underneath that sign are Egyptian symbols and Cairo appears and another name, are Egyptians Catholic or believing in the Virgin. I don’t know I just have a funny feeling about that church.

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