1. SUZ


    After having Ollie for 13 years I really do think that animals know us so well. I think they can pick up on our moods and if you aren’t feeling well, they really do their best to try to make you feel better. I swear they can find the exact place where you are hurting. Pets are just wonderful and sometimes they care more than people do. I really believe they have beautiful souls and are so smart and loving.
    As for reading at the wedding,, how wonderful for you. So glad that is making you so happy, what a nice gesture for her to make. You are going to be just great at it too. I just know it.


    • Carol Anne

      Suz — When I first came home from the hospital he’d climb up on top of my chair to smell my head.

  2. Rachel Rogers

    Pets are more in tune with their surroundings than most people realize. When my mom had her tumor removed, she was in the hospital for 10 days. My parents dog Lord Wrinkles did not take it well. He knew something was wrong. He would pace the hallways and did not sleep well. It even affected his eating. Once mom came home he got back to normal in time. The key is that it is going to take time. Snowy is very attached to you and it sounds like Snowy has a really good read on your emotions right now. Show Snowy all the love that you can. I believe it will work out.

    I am so happy for you about the reading! Do you have ideas in mind? What color dress do you think…pink? This is so great!!!

    Hugs, Hugs, Hugs,
    Rach : )

    • Carol Anne

      Rachel — I’ve been loving on my darling little Snowball as much as I can. Radiation treatments should begin soon. I’m guessing my anxiety about them starting and the conversations we’ve been having are keeping the air in here rather anxious and tense. He’s actually curled up asleep on my chair right now. Awwww …. I love his furry little but.

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