1. SUZ

    hey there,

    I am so happy for you that you were able to talk to them and order them the coffee maker. I know how things like that are so important to you so good for you. As for you not being there, with your situation the way it is, I am sure they understand completely. They are probably more concerned over you and your health than you missing the shower. That was so thoughtful of you to order them the gift and I bet every time she uses it she is going to think of you and how nice you were to get it for her. Have a lovely day, you are such a nice girl.

    Your No. #1 fan

    • Carol Anne

      Suz, you know she really was more concerned about how I was feeling rather than me missing her shower. I’ve known her since she was 10. She’s grown in to an amazing woman. I’m so proud of her.

    • Carol Anne

      Angel, I so totally missed not being able to go. I’m glad we were able to buy her the coffee maker. She’s asked me to be a reader in the wedding too. I’m so happy.

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