1. SUZ

    Hi there, just opened the office at noon, the snow was freaky, good thing the neighbor has a snow blower. Snow all over the place. You are speaking of rain, it was the 23rd of March, 1993 when we had such a bad snowstorm that they banned vehicles from the roads except for emergency vehicles, it was 21 inches , my poor mom was so worried about all that snow she took congestive heart failure that night. Never forget that day and now its snowing again . Send a cold chill up my spine,more snow coming tonight. Rain at this point would be lovely, a few hundred miles really does it all. Glad you are home and recuperating, be sure to take your pills if you need them. Hugs to you Suz

  2. Rachel Rogers

    The sun will come out tomorrow…okay that is cheesy…ha! I had to send you a laugh. You will get through this as you have every other rain storm in your life. Oh and the Doc gave you those pain pills for a reason. Please don’t just endure the pain. Taking half of a pill is not bad. Taking a whole probably isn’t that bad either. You will not get addicted that quickly. Here’s hoping your neck of the woods dries out quickly. HUGS HUGS HUGS!!

    P.S. You do not look like a Snork. You are however making me want to go look up Snork cartoons on Youtube…lol. Love you, my friend.

  3. SC

    Well now isn’t rain on your wedding day meant to be good luck? It sure seemed to work for you and the hubs so maybe you should see it as a good omen? *wink*

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