1. Jeannie

    I hate to hear that your going through this! Hopefully the grafting will take and you’ll heal. As for the toothpaste, I *guess* some people must swallow some of it. They probably tell you because the water & paste will get you sick with the anesthesia and they don’t want you to throw up. A few years ago I had a CAT Scan and without thinking I had a piece of gum. Had to reschedule the scan as the sugar in the gum would throw off the test. My prayers are with you! How long will you have to be in the hospital afterwards? As for me, lets just say I’m glad its over! I’ll go into more detail later. I told my surgeon Friday, while your in there, could you lipo my 5 chins?! Meh, he wouldn’t….. LOL Keep me updated, K! {{Hugs and Prayers}}

    • Carol Anne

      Jeannie, *laughs* no lipo for me either and believe me my thighs could use it. LOL My first CAT scan was delayed by 3 hours because they did not tell me I had to fast before the test and I had just come from lunch. LOL

      Thank you for the hugs & prayers, they are much appreciated.

  2. SC

    Hey you. It’s 5:49 am Monday your time and I am saying a prayer for you right now and hope you feel everything I am putting out there. I am so proud of you. You’ve got all you need to get through this. The biggest warmest hugs for you and the hubs. You are my focus today.

    • Carol Anne

      SC, thanks for hugs and prayers. I still have your flowers on my entertainment center to look at and cheer me up!

  3. SUZ

    Thinking about you so much this morning, even asked Old Garth to say one for you. With that bad guy praying, you can’t lose. I know you are going to come through this just fine and hopefully this will be a great report on the surgery. I love coming here every morning, its my treat at work where I can read what you have to say for the day, you always make me smile. Keep being strong and hanging in there, you are such a precious person on this earth, there really should be more like you.

    Hugs and Prayers for you

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