1. Suz

    Besides you I love coming to see those beautiful flower pics every day. Are you going to have countdown to summer next? I love your moon pics also, I am going to be taking some myself if I don’t hae to make the 40 mile trek to Wal-Mart before they make it a super center and I can’t get their buttons and fabrics
    anymore so wish me luck that the old store still has everything before they make their move to pack up their stuff for their new store. I need a whole bunch of teddy bear buttons with all the sweaters I made I am on my last 5 and they will be gone when I finish the baby sweater. See you on tomorrow.


    • Carol Anne

      Hmmmm … That could be a fun idea Suz but I’m not sure what sort of photos I’d use for a Countdown to Summer. Any suggestions? Anybody?

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