1. Jeannie

    Aw hon. Wish there was something I could do or say to ease your fears. I have to be at the clinic tomorrow at 5:30 and exploratory surgery at 7:30. I’m afraid of the tubes and anesthesia also. Plus they’re going to remove 5-6 teeth. I’m going to be one hurting puppy tomorrow! I wish it were tomorrow night already and tomorrow morning would be over with! Hang in there, one day at a time! Will talk with you tomorrow night! {{HUGS}}

    • Carol Anne

      Jeannie, Good luck with your surgery. Ouch! Why are they removing the teeth? I’m scared of the dentist I’d almost rather be asleep for dental work. It’s the breathing tube that freaks me out. If they could do the surgery w/o it I’d feel much more comfortable. You’re in my prayers. I hope all goes well tomorrow.

  2. SC

    I wish I had the gift of words that you do to reassure you. I can tell you over and over that it’s not the same, that it’s going to be okay but I can’t get you to believe what I feel. I will tell you though that no matter what time of the day or night I will direct every positive energy and every prayer your way to get you through. What was said by Jeannie is right- you’ll get through one step at a time. Sending out strength to both of you. *hugs*

  3. SUZ

    Hi there,

    All i can say is all you girls are aa bunch of brave gals. I need surgery but I am afraid to go for it. I hate hospitals and every time I go it turns out to not be a good experience so I try to just take care of myself my way and stay away from all the doctors I can.
    I know there are times in life when there is no other choice and you have to go and I always think those people are so strong because they really have to be for their own good. Good for all of you looking out for yourselves to make yourself better. Wish I could be too. Bless each and every one of you and I hope you all have a happy healthy end to all that you are going through. I’ll be praying for all of you.

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