1. SUZ

    What wonderful news for you. That’s got to be the best thing that ever could have happened. I am so happy that you are feeling so much more positive and comfortable with your new doctor. That’s got to mean the world to you, that other doctor definitely needed to go and be out of your life, who needs someone like him when he appears to be totally disinterested in you as a person. This is so great I just want to get in my car and drive out there to give you a big hug. Love your smiley arrangement too, its definitely YOU. You take care and think of this as the best that could have happened, its got to be a sign from God that he has someone picked out to take extremely good care of you
    and we all know you deserve the very best.

    Love ya

    • Carol Anne

      Thanks Suz! I’m relieved to have someone I feel comfortable with and who I feel has my best interest at heart.

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