1. SC

    I feel like I am going to burst, I don’t know how to put it into words. For the first time I am grateful I am not there or you here as I think I would crush you. The universe did right by you girlie, because you are the most wonderful person. I yelled out loud at the computer earlier when I saw your news (I was even told to “settle down” until I explained why lol). Thank God, thank everything and everyone. We’re all on your side *hugs*

    • Carol Anne

      *laughs* Thanks SC! I feel like I’ve been given a reprieve from a prison sentence. I’m so relieved. (((hugs)))

  2. Suz

    My little sister,

    There is no better news to be had today than reading that you are good on the biopsy. You touch my heart and my soul just being your friend And even a day without you is too sad to even think of. Congartulations on this wonderful news and may there be many more on your way to recovery. To know you are prayed for and thought of is a wonderful thing and it does the heart good. You would be there for me, I am here for you.

    Love ya,

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