1. SC

    That’s good news, definitely a good start. *hugs* And don’t worry too much about Snowy, cats can throw up quite often. (Mine does every inappropriate time).

    • Carol Anne

      We often joke that Cuppy is NASA kitty because she’s so smart but Snowy’s really emotionally perceptive. I think sometimes he senses the stress in the house and it upsets him. Lord knows there was plenty of stress in the house this morning. He’s been fine since so I’m happy.

  2. Arlene

    Hope you are feeling better! I was hoping I could get your update! How was snowy? Sending prayers & good thoughts.

    • Carol Anne

      I’m feeling much better than I was earlier. About an hour ago the pain just seemed to leave my jaw so that’s good. I’m still a little swollen but the nurse said that’ll take 24 hours or so, give or take a few hours. Snowy seems fine. He didn’t throw up again. He ate and kept down dinner so I’m hoping he’s fine. He has an uncanny knack for getting sick right before we NEED to leave to go somewhere; family dinners, weddings, doctor’s appointments. In some ways I think he senses our stress and it stresses him out. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes. Thanks for the texts this morning too. (((hugs)))

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